Article 1
This contract regulates mutual relations between the City Car Rental (hereinafter referred to as City Car Rental and users whose data are listed on the first page of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as users).
City Car Rental provides a user accepts the use of the vehicle stated on the first page of this Agreement (in the text: a car), and under the conditions and time stated in this Agreement.

Article 2
By signing this agreement confirms that the user has taken the vehicle in good and undamaged condition, full tank of fuel, unless the contract expressly stated otherwise in writing.
User acknowledges that the vehicle received the document for the vehicle, the keys to the vehicle, all necessary equipment and vehicles as well as additional equipment and accessories specified in the contract.

Article 3
The user undertakes to return the vehicle in place at latest within a period of this Agreement.
The user undertakes to return the vehicle before the agreed period at the request of City Car Rental's.
The user undertakes to return the vehicle and properly and not damaged, with all documentation, keys, tools, mandatory, standard and additional equipment as it is taken.
Payment under this Agreement, unless paid in advance or deposit, the user is required to pay immediately or return the vehicle or within 8 days from the request for payment or invoice.
User agrees that, at the expense of his credit card or other payment method, City Car Rental charge any costs, loss or malfunctions that are discovered after the vehicle is returned, and the user is informed City Car Rental in accordance with the procedure on the return of the vehicle. City Car Rental reserves the right to charge and without prior notice to users.

Article 4
The user undertakes to extension of the lease as well as other changes relating to the lease timely request from the City's Car Rental.
Uslucaju a user exceed the agreed deadline of paying the vehicle without the consent of City Car Rental, a City Car Rental has the right vehicle is considered stolen and to notify the police. In this case korisnikj bear all costs incurred.
In case of exceeding the time of the return of vehicles, customers and further liable for all obligations and responsibilities under this Agreement, which were agreed for the duration of the lease.
All the Car Rental City employees have the right to control any car at any time. If it is determined that the user has violated any conditions of this Agreement, employees of City Car Rental-are authorized to seize the vehicle.
City Car Rental unconditionally reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement the vehicle, anytime, anywhere, before the expiration of the rental obligations retarded without any damage to the user.

Article 5
User warrants and undertakes:

* To the rental vehicle is taken and will be used in accordance with the Law on road traffic safety and other applicable regulations;
* To use vehicle for personal use;
* To be to drive only the user or the person next to users listed in the contract as additional drivers, or as stated in the contract, the person-user legal persons, and provided that all persons have the necessary permits and documents for the management of the vehicle;
* Not to drive outside the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the country in which entry is not allowed;
* Do not use vehicle for illegal purposes, such as for criminal acts, customs, currency or other violations, or other prohibited acts;
* Do not overload vehicle passengers or cargo;
* Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
* That will take care of the technical condition of vehicles and regular periodic maintenance of vehicles;
* That will regularly inspect and if necessary, add water, oil and tire pressure;
* To the vehicle when not in use, be sure to lock up and take the keys and vehicle documents with the activation of other safety devices on the same vehicle if any;
* Not to use vehicle for:
the transportation of materials, items or things that can damage or contaminate the vehicle, such as animals, inflammable materials, overly dirty things or things unpleasant smell;
on race, moto-sport or other similar events;
on driver training.

Article 6
Costs of fuel used during the lease shall be borne by the user. Costs of fines for traffic violations, improper parking or other violations incurred or caused during the rental, regardless of when they are established or delinquent, will be covered by user charges regardless of whether they City Car Rental as a car owner, user or driver of the vehicle unless stated are not caused solely the fault of City Car Rental-a;

Article 7
In case of damage to vehicles, equipment or supplies, regardless of how they arise, City Car Rental will charge users of their full value at market prices for such parts, a valid contractual Return Vehicle.
Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1 of this article, costs of missing documents or keys, replace the vehicle user on the valid price list.
If by negligence of the vehicle user or driver comes to damage the engine or drive mechanism (eg due to lack of funds to oil or water) in the event of damage sump, clutch, lower vehicle chassis or other malfunctions caused by negligence of the user or driver (such as careless driving or driving due to poor roads), the vehicle reimburse City Car Rental in cjeloukupni amount of repair costs and lost to the amount of daily rental vehicles, but not more than 30 days, and all costs incurred such as the towing vehicle or decreased value of the vehicle.
City Car Rental reserves the right to charge the tank filled by the decision of the Board.

Article 8
In case of accident, damage, evasion, theft, engine breakdown or other similar
circumstances the user is required:

keep the vehicle until its takeover by the City Car Rental-a;
notify names and addresses of participants and witnesses;
call the police and provide a record except in the case of motor breakdown;
without delay give a statement about the case to the nearest branch City Car Rental-a;

In the image that the user does not provide police report referred to in paragraph 1, point 3 Of this article or a statement that the 4th point This article, all costs of damages in connection with damage or missing vehicle falls to the user the full amount regardless of the user's guilt for such an event;
User understands that in the case of negligent attitude towards the vehicle, vehicle documents or keys, in other cases provided by law or insurance regulations, he may be charged with regressive claim by the insurer of the vehicle.

Article 9
In the case of damage to the vehicle, the user will at the request of City Car Rental-and pay the full amount of repair of damaged, or other losses suffered by the City Car Rental due to damage of vehicles including lost profits in the amount of daily rental vehicles during the non repaired at the current price list, but a maximum of 30 days.
In case of theft or other circumstances for which the user is not able at the conclusion of the lease to return the car City Car Rental in, the user will search on the City Car Rental-and pay the full value of the vehicle and the price of new vehicles, according to available City Car Rental supplier's and other losses suffered by the City Car Rental has a lack of vehicles including lost profits in the amount of daily rental vehicles by not using the current price list, but a maximum of 30 days.
In case of damage to third parties the user shall bear all costs that City Car Rental can be on that basis.
Insurance does not cover damage done deliberately, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, prescribed driver's license or if the driver license was revoked in cases that the vehicle is a larger number of persons than the number registered seat, the damage caused by war operations or revolts, and other circumstances of the
insurance policies or laws. Insurance does not cover the risks of destruction or damage
tires, rims and covers collection and destruction of bottom of engine damage.

Article 10
City Car Rental is not responsible for damages that the user may incur as a result of delay of delivery vehicles or the damages that the user may incur due to any malfunction of the vehicle during the lease. City Car Rental is not responsible for damage that might occur in people and things that are transported in the vehicle.

Article 11
Users may not transfer rights or obligations under this Agreement to third parties, and not steal a car, parts or equipment of the vehicle or do any modifications to the vehicle.

Article 12
This contract is made in 2 identical copies, of which one copy delivered to the user agreement and the other keeps City Car Rental. His signature on the first page of this contract the user accepts this Agreement and all its provisions, the conditions of the rental with which he is familiar in the office rental.
Amendments to this Agreement may only be used in written, oral agreements are invalid.
An integral part of this Agreement is the valid price list City Car Rental's.

Article 13
In the event of a dispute under this contract, the parties recognize the jurisdiction of the court in Sarajevo.

Article 14
The English version of this agreement is only a translation of the original text. In case of dispute Bosnian language is used as the basis for the interpretation of this Agreement.
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